Aston Villa boss: Covid was rampant

Aston Villa's Head Coach Dean Smith has spoken of how he was "worried about anything he touched" after his staff and players starting returning positive Covid-19 test results at the start of January.

All Premier League football clubs have regular testing in a bid to combat an outbreak of Covid-19.

Players and staff are also kept in 'bubbles' in an attempt to keep the virus at bay.

Smith admitted he didn't know how the virus had infiltrated the Aston Villa training ground, but pointed out it all happened not long after the loosening of restrictions over the Christmas break. 

Smith was full of praise for the club's medical staff, who he said had shown a great duty of care to both the Aston Villa staff and their families.

"As the (club) Doctor put it, there was an uncontrolled outbreak within our bubble. Our bubble had been pierced." 

Villa have only been back in training for three days following a ten day isolation period, and have their first Premier League game since the outbreak at Manchester City tomorrow (20th Jan).

When I asked if those players who had returned to training, having had Covid-19 were fully fit, Smith was cautiously optimistic.

"With a couple of the players we are in a little bit of the unknown, but we will be guided by them and how they feel. The numbers we have had from the performance team have been good, so the majority have certainly recovered well."

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