Police officers rescued by firefighters after car is abandoned in flood water

Derbyshire Police officers had to be helped to safety by firefighters after they were forced to abandon their car in flood water.

A spokesperson for the force said two officers were on patrol in Darley Abbey in the early hours of Thursday (21 January) morning, due to an increase in break-ins in the area.

They said they misjudged the depth of the water in Haslams Lane- which was much lower then than in the pictures later in the morning- because of the poor light.

Fire fighters helped the constables from the car to safety.

The spokesperson added that it should be a warning to the public about the dangers of driving in flood water.

A number of roads in the region are currently closed, cars have been abandoned and public transport services have been disrupted because of flooding.

Residents are urged to be careful and check journeys before they travel.