Airport for flying cars and delivery drones to be launched in Coventry this year

Picture of the futuristic air port in Coventry from Urban Air Port
The air port is 60% smaller than a conventional heliport Credit: Urban Air Port

Ambitious plans for an airport for flying cars and delivery drones in Coventry have been approved by the Government, with the site due to be launched later this year.

The Air-One hub will be a base for future electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, such as air taxis and autonomous delivery drones.

A site near the Ricoh Arena has been chosen by Urban Air Port due to its location in the centre of the UK and its history with with automobile and aerospace industries.

The hub will be on land next to the Ricoh Arena Credit: Urban Air Port

The city will be part of partnership between the Urban Air Port company, the government, Coventry City Council, and Hyundai Motor Group.

The Korean car manufacturer says it intends to make its own eVTOL aircraft, and make them commercially available by 2028.

It's after the project won the government's Future Flight Challenge to develop aviation infrastructure and systems that enable the next generation of electric and autonomous air vehicles.

The hub itself is said to be 60% smaller than a conventional heliport, and has emits net zero carbon emissions.

The Air Port will be launched this year Credit: Urban Air Port

Coventry University is also researching the industry of urban flight, with the aim of increasing public understanding of the new technology, which the company says is key in bringing success to the project.

They also say the Air-One site in Coventry will showcase live demonstrations of remote aircraft command and control, as well as charging and refuelling, and loading passengers.

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