"On the way to being free": Care home resident on finding hope after vaccination

Care homes have suffered hugely over the last year, with thousands of older people dying from Coronavirus during the first wave, and visits from loved ones stopped altogether - or without any kind of physical contact.

Today, PM Boris Johnson marked a “crucial milestone” in the fight against coronavirus as the NHS confirmed all older residents in England’s eligible care homes have been offered a vaccine.

At the Lilian Faithfull home in Cheltenham, the residents have now had their first dose of the vaccine.

Staff and residents all say it's been a tough year but now they can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Credit: ITV News

Dr Cameron Jackson, GP vaccine lead: "They're the most vulnerable members of our community, and to be able to have vaccinated, a huge proportion of those patients is a massive achievement for the NHS."

It's come as much delight to many residents, including 76-year-old John Crick.

Anita Astle who owns a care home has welcomed the news. She runs Wren Hall Care Home in Nottingham and said the vaccine has been rolled out "quickly" and "efficiently".

Care minister Helen Whately told ITV News that the government will be looking at how to reintroduce visits to care homes, now that most residents have been offered a vaccine.

She said: "I can't tell you now what date that will be, but I can absolutely assure you and assure relatives wanting to see their families in care homes that we really do want to see that as soon as its safe to do so."

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