ITV Central's Des Coleman: "I got my first coronavirus vaccine"

Des gets jab
Des has been shielding again since the third coronavirus lockdown was announced. Credit: Kirsty McMillan, Derby City Council volunteer

Despite shielding, the fear of contracting this dreadful disease was playing on my mind. 

After a few hiccups with the text and internet booking part of the system, I finally received my letter.

I booked an appointment for 3:15pm which meant that I had to tape the rugby! But such was the efficiency of the wonderfully accommodating staff at the Derby arena, I need not have worried, as I was back home before it started.

Derby Arena is a one of many mass vaccination hubs in the Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

There was no waiting, there were no crowds. It felt like a coffee morning with good friends. A nice chat, a fab vibe, a jab and off I went to the waiting area knowing that my second jab for 3 months was already booked in.

6 hours later I started to feel a little headachy, chills came over me and I became the 1 in 10 that can suffer the odd side effect. Better that than the worst case scenario. I would have worried more had I not known this could happen. 24 hours later and I’m back with a spring in my step, a hearty ho ho and looking forward to the days and weeks ahead.

Despite shielding at home, Des is working on a few projects for us that will be coming out later this year. Credit: ITV News Central

I feel like wrapping my arms around everybody and jumping for joy like we did when we used to sing ‘Come on Eileen’ in a club!

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