Covid memorial trail set to be created between Leicester and Leicestershire

  • Our Correspondent Gareth Owen reports.

Work on a tree-lined memorial trail which will straddle the border between the city of Leicester and the county began today.

It will be used for people to have a space for reflection and remembrance for those whose lives have been affected by coronavirus.

The project was crowdfunded by residents and local businesses - in two months they raised over £60,000.Over the past year, people have been finding their own ways to reflect on the pandemic, and to remember those they have lost.

Now that the funding has been secured, plans are being implemented to plant the 58 hornbeam, elm, oak, aspen and birch trees that will form the trail that will link the city side of Watermead Park in the south with the county side in the north.

It's hoped all the trees will be planted by March.

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