Cat reunites with owner after going missing five years ago

Musa was found only 15 minutes from his home. Credit: RSPCA.

A cat has been reunited with its owner after it went missing five years ago.

Musa left his family house in Katerine Walk in Derby in 2016, only to return five years later.

Owner, Denise Lucas, became increasingly worried about his whereabouts and asked neighbours and the local vets to help find him. After weeks of not hearing anything she assumed the worst had happened.

Denise with her other cat Sera. Credit: RSPCA.

Five years later Denise was presented with a miraculous surprise when an RSPCA inspector knocked on her door and said that her cat had been found and was safe.

A woman had spotted Musa as a stray 15 minutes away from his home in Sinfin. She was concerned he had an injured paw and decided to contact the RSPCA.

The animal rescue service noticed that Musa was microchipped and was able to identify Denise as the owner.

Denise said: "I just burst into tears as I really thought he was never coming home. I was delighted to see him and am so grateful".

Denise is now making sure her cat is well fed and cared for after Musa lost a lot of weight from living on the streets.

This really does highlight why microchipping your pet is so important and it is vitally important to tell the chip company yourself if any contact details change.

Mick Darling, RSPCA Inspector

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