The Tipton Twins: Lilian Cox speaks to ITV News about her sister's passing

In an ITV News Central exclusive, Lilian Cox, one half of the much-loved duo we've come to know as the Tipton Twins, has spoken about getting used to life without her sister Doris Hobday.

Both caught Covid just after Christmas - Lilian recovered, but sadly Doris died last month.

The pair were believed to be the oldest identical twins in the the UK.

Credit: BPM Media

Lilian told Yasmin Bodalbhai that the funeral on Monday will be difficult, but she wants it to be a celebration of Doris' life.

For 96 years Lilian and Doris were inseparable. Identical twins. Best friends. So far Lilian has has been in shock, but thinks the emotion will come after the funeral service.

Both sisters caught Covid after Christmas. Lilian recovered. Doris didn't. Her vaccination invite came through the post two days after she died last month.

Lilian has had her first dose of the vaccine now and is asking that people don't send flowers or cards, but that they donate to an online fund for the Beacon Centre for the Blind, which looked after Doris's husband Ray.

The tears will come. But the laughter and joy will also be there too. It's just the way they were made.