Where has Nottingham's Banksy artwork gone?

Workmen with a digger were first spotted by Banksy's 'hula-hoop girl' artwork in Nottingham at 5am on Wednesday, February 18.

One resident was woken up by the noise, as the brick wall featuring the artwork on Rothesay Avenue in Lenton, was taken down.

It caused much confusion as people feared it may have been stolen, or maybe was being removed by the council for its own protection.

But it's now emerged that it's been bought by a gallery in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, which already has a large collection of Banksy artworks.

Credit: Ashley Kirk

John Brandler bought the artwork after the owners of the wall were unable to make arrangements with local organisations for it to be protected.

The current owners have confirmed they will donate the proceeds of the sale privately.

  • John Brandler, the owner of the gallery in Brentwood, says not all artworks turn out to be such cherished gifts.

Mr Brandler told ITV News Central that it will feature in a street-art exhibition in the Essex town, hopefully starting on May 1.

He said "it already needs restoration, due to the city council's method of protection with a perspex sheet." "It's like a sauna," he added.

People have been expressing their disappointment that the artwork is leaving the city.

Although Mr Brandler has no firm plans to bring the exhibition to Nottingham for now, he said he "hopes in the future it will."

Nottingham City council did try to find a way to keep the piece in Nottingham and called its departure "regrettable".

When did the artwork first appear?

The art work was originally spotted in Lenton on the morning of October 15 2020, and large crowds gathered immediately gathered around it, speculating if it was indeed a Banksy on their doorstep.

When did Banksy confirm the rumours?

Two days later, the world famous artist confirmed on his Instagram, that indeed it was his.

Wasn't there some issue with the bike?

Yes, the original bike was removed and replaced with another donated by a local resident.

Has Banksy created any other pieces in the Midlands?

Banksy's first confirmed art in the region was created in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter in December 2019.

It depicts a rough sleeper on a bench and a reindeer on the wall next to him.

Banksy posted on Instagram: 'God bless Birmingham.'

However, it was defaced only a few hours later and a plastic cover was put in place to protect it.

Who is Banksy?

Banksy is an anonymous street artist who has been active since the 1990s, his work is typically satirical and very much politically-focused.

He first came to fame in Bristol's underground scene for his stencilled, graffiti style.

Banksy typically posts his new works on his Instagram page, to claim them as his own.

What are the other Banksy pieces in the UK?

There are a large amount of Banksy artworks around Bristol.

The latest is his "Achoo" work, which gives the illusion an old woman's sneeze is blowing over the houses on a steep Totterdown road in the city. Just this week there has been concern over its future after it's been completely boarded up. It's not yet clear why.

The gallery who have bought the Nottingham piece have also purchased one in South Wales, with rumours it may be moved to Essex, after plans stalled to find a way to display it properly in Wales.

The artist also did a piece on the London Underground in Summer 2020, to highlight the importance of wearing a face covering during the pandemic.

He has also tackled Brexit in a large piece in Dover too, revealed in May 2017.