Lady issues warning as pet horse dies from eating mince pies and sausage rolls

A horse owner from Shrewsbury is urging people to be considerate when going on walks during lockdown after her horse died from eating mince pies, sausage rolls and bread.

A study led by the British Horse Society found that a third of horses fed by the public needed veterinary treatment.

Sandra Murphy, an equine nutritional hydrotherapist says that feeding the animals unsuitable foods can cause fatal bouts of colic.

Feeding horses can be a delicate process. According to the British Horse Society there are a number of factors needed to be taken into account when doing so, including:

  • Feed little and often

  • Do not make sudden changes to the diet

  • Do not work fast after feeding

  • Feed something succulent

  • Always provide fresh, clean water

  • Feed only high quality feed

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