'I would love to walk round a car boot sale': What do you want to do most when lockdown ends?

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The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed his roadmap out of lockdown.

That is, how he sees the reopening of the economy, and the gradual way back to normal life. And it will be very gradual, because the government wants to ensure this lockdown is the last. 

We asked on our social media pages what you'd missed the most in lockdown, and what you were looking forward to doing most when you could.

The answers were simple and poignant, reminding us that it's the little things that matter.

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A pint in the local, a haircut, seeing friends in person, and getting back to the gym all featured heavily.

For Heather Wright in Lichfield, her wish was just to return to work,

Leanne Whitehouse in Kidderminster will get her wish very soon!

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Lynne Churms sums up how many feel about our new way of life, writing,

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For most, family came top of the wishlist.

Gemma Sweet in Coventry told us, "Don’t care about booking holidays, going to the pub, or getting my haircut. Just want to see my mum, dad, brother and sister."Sue Matthews in Newcastle-under-Lyme wants to hug her two grandchildren - for Pete Dicks - it's his 94-year-old Mum. There were lots of people hoping to make up for lost time.

Andy Philips from Sandiacre wants to recreate the family gathering which didn't happen at Christmas, and for Kerry Marie there's a 30th birthday, two 40ths, one 60th and one 80th.

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Then there are the new arrivals who haven't had their normal welcoming party. New parents desperate to show off their babies, and grandparents who've only seen new grandchildren on screens.

Alan Bartlett wants to get back among the crowds,

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But many want the chance to get away from it all - a caravan in Stratford upon Avon, in Brean in Somerset, or in Wales.But some are torn. Susan Rowledge in Wolverhampton writes,

And others are more cautious,

We will find out if the roadmap stays on course over the next few weeks.

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