The Birmingham 'baby bank' helping families in need

A 'baby bank' that's been running for almost a year says the pandemic has led to many people unexpectedly needing their services.

Baby aid Birmingham was started at the beginning of March last year to support deprived families with young children across the city.

Those behind it say changes in peoples' circumstances have led to people using services like theirs for the first time.

Co-founders Nicky and David couldn't have predicted how in-demand their help would become from different groups of people.

Credit: ITV News Central

David said: "As it's gone on we've seen more and more people who've really never thought they'd never need a foodbank people who probably had double income, paying a mortgage that was in their means and then suddenly one person's lost their job down 80% and can't keep up with payments and there really isn't the safety net they need without people like us stepping to help them through a crisis period."

With its team of volunteers BaB will be continuing to help families during these difficult times - but with the impact of Covid being far-reaching, they say their help will be needed for some time to come.

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