How are the farmers' protests affecting British Indians?

Video report by Balvinder Sidhu

This is how people in the Midlands have been showing their support for Indian farmers, who have been protesting for months against new agriculture laws.

  • What's happening?

Farmers in India have travelled hundreds of miles from the states of Haryana and Punjab to the capital city of India, Delhi, to ask the Government to reverse three new farming bills that were passed in September 2020.

Police and protesters have clashed - with injuries on both sides.

  • Why?

Farmers currently sell produce though government-regulated markets which means that they have a guaranteed minimum support price. 

Farmers protesting have been camped out around Delhi for months. Credit: PA

The new reforms allow farmers to sell their produce directly to private buyers.

The Indian Government says the new bills will benefit farmers, giving them the freedom to sell to anyone at any price, and will help to modernise the agriculture industry.

But many farmers are concerned that it could drive them into poverty, as they may not be able to compete with the big corporations.

The Prime Minister has offered to suspend the laws while talks continue.

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  • How are the farming laws there, affecting people here?

Thousands of people have been showing their support by protesting in England. Credit: PA

These four people from the Midlands have an ancestral connection to the country.

Randhir Singh

Runs a Midlands based charity for vulnerable people and families, and knows people who are out there.

He also travelled to India in November to help protesters who were camping out near Delhi and was shocked by what he saw.

MLSS providing food and water to protesters in India. Credit: ITV News

Kiran Sahota

Lives in Birmingham but her cousin has been protesting there since November.

She says her family are worried after hearing about India's handling of the protests, where it's been reported that several people have been arrested and hurt.

Indian authorities have barricaded the city to stop farmers from entering. Credit: ITV Central


A Music Producer from Coventry, he's created a song to show his support for the farmers.

He says he felt compelled to use his skills to spread the word about what is happening, as he has a family history of farming in India.

Protesters say they will not move until their needs are met. Credit: PA.

Jay Mann

He's from Leicester and attended an Indian farmers' protest in this country. He says he feels upset about the conditions that the protesters are having to face in India.

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