Why one of the UK's only black drag artists believes the arts will come back stronger after Covid

  • James Bartholomew as Yshee Black

Lockdown means that all of Birmingham's Gay Quarter venues have barely opened since March, completely changing the lives of drag artists in the city.

But, James Bartholomew, Birmingham's only black drag artist with a residency, believes the Arts will come back stronger after Covid.

"A pandemic can't kill creativity, it can't kill art. It can stop us and halt us a bit, but realistically, you are the artist, and as long as there are people around with hopes and dreams and creativity and performance, then there's always going to be, there's always going to be a stage."

Owner of the Nightingale nightclub, Lawrence Barton said his venues are crucial for the LGBTQ+ community.

February marks LGBT+ History Month, with this year's theme being 'Body, Mind, Spirit'.

To mark the occasion, James Bartholomew, also known as Yshee Black, has been speaking to ITV Central.

  • Pablo Taylor reports.

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  • akt - LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity working with young people aged 16 - 25

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