Woman told pregnancy could kill her welcomes son after friend becomes her surrogate

  • Mark Gough reports

A woman from Wolverhampton who was told she'd die if she had a baby, has welcomed a son into the world, after her friend agreed to be her surrogate.

Sophie Tristram was born with cystic fibrosis - a genetic condition that causes the build up of sticky mucus in the lungs and other organs.

Sophie was told by doctors that having a baby would kill her, due to her condition.

She and her husband Ben were devastated, and she ended up discussing their situation with a colleague, Paul, in a car during a business trip.

He immediately suggested that his wife, Emma, might like to help out.

Emma Graves became a surrogate for Sophie and her son Harry was born in November.

"There's no words that could ever describe a person that would be willing to give up nine months of their lives to give you the greatest gift that anyone could ever give you."

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