Central Lobby - March 2021: Women's safety in the spotlight, and the economic recovery coming out of the pandemic

Can the streets ever be considered safe territory for women? The arguments have been raging after the issue came to the surface following the death of a woman who disappeared while walking home at night.

Peaceful vigils have taken place across the Midlands and thousands of women have been sharing their experiences of harassment and assault. It's led to strong calls for changes in attitudes, behaviour and the legal process.

To discuss the political response to the debate, Alison Mackenzie is joined from South Leicestershire by the Conservative MP Alberto Costa. In Birmingham, the Labour MP Preet Gill. And in the studio, Liberal Democrat campaigner from Harborough, Zuffar Haq.

The panel also discusses how the economy looks to rebound from the pandemic, with Rolls Royce recently announcing billions of pounds of losses, while in contrast, JCB has begun a recruitment drive. Also on the agenda is the move of some Government departments to the Midlands - is it just a vanity project?

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