Warnings issued as parts of the Midlands record Covid surge

Health officials across the Midlands are warning people about a rise in Coronavirus infections.

In Melton town in Leicestershire, people under the age of 40, who can't work from home, or are in regular contact with a young person in school, are being encouraged to get tested for the virus, even if they don't have symptoms. 

The rise in infections amongst younger people in the town has caused concern for local officials. 

Though it's thought children returning to school isn't the reason for the increase.  

I think we should be concerned as I wouldn't want this to escalate anymore. 

Melton's rates have been rising for a good week or so now, about a week - and quite significantly, so they are three times as high as they were 7 days ago.

Mike Sandys, Director of Public Health in Leicestershire

The local MP, Alicia Kearns, who represents Rutland and Melton has said people with symptoms can get a test at the Burton Street car park, while those without symptoms can go to the Polish club.

Meanwhile, people in Corby in Northamptonshire are being urged to limit their contact with others as coronavirus cases in the town continue to rise.


cases per 100,000 people in Corby

Last week Northamptonshire saw cases increase by around 4 per cent. The county's director of public health said the rise is linked to those who can't work from home.

Our challenge continues to be complacency.

Lucy Wightman, Director of Public Health in Northamptonshire

And, in the Smethwick ward in Sandwell, the infection rate stands at more than 170 cases per 100,000 people - 10 times higher than the area in the borough with the lowest infection rate. 

Health officials are urging people in the area to be 'extra careful.'

No need to panic but it is potentially a dangerous situation.

Lisa McNally Director of Public Health, Sandwell

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