Lockdown anniversary: Hospitals, home schooling and hope

Today (23 March) marks one year since the beginning of the first UK lockdown.

Six people have been speaking to us about their experience of the pandemic - and the things they're looking forward to when lockdown is lifted.

  • Paul Hodgskin, Covid survivor

Paul, from Telford, was in Shropshire hospitals for 102 days after he tested positive for the virus in March last year.

He spent 60 days in ICU, was on a respirator and experienced total organ failure.

Paul is now walking with a stick instead of a zimmer frame and says he can't wait for the restrictions to be lifted so he can travel again - and marry his partner, Sue.

  • Hylton Murray-Philipson, Covid survivor

Hylton spent almost 2 weeks fighting for his life in the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

The farmer says he didn't think he would survive, but after his wife passed away several years ago he knew that he couldn't leave his sons alone.

Hylton says the signs of Spring - the daffodils, new born lambs and bird song - are what he holds on to when he looks back on the difficulties of the past year.

  • Sian Smith, Parent

Lockdown for Sian, like many others, meant the start of home schooling.

She says having her two children at home whilst running a business was challenging and tiring - but it made her appreciate the 'extra family time'.

Sian says she's looking forward to her children having a normal routine, summer holidays and getting back together with her family.

  • Sarah Parveen, Student

Sarah is an A-Level student from Derby.

She says the first lockdown hit her hard, making her feel stressed, but she gradually adapted to the new normal.

She says with the help of her teachers and virtual learning she is now applying for university and hopes to follow her dreams of becoming a social worker.

  • Asad Kalang, Student

Asad is a Year 13 student in Walsall studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

He says the pandemic, especially lockdown, had a massive impact on his education and also his mental health.

For him, having to work online and not having face to face interaction with friends and teachers was tough.

Asad is really looking forward to meeting up with friends and family again when restrictions are relaxed.

He hopes to go to university in September to study medicine.

  • Claire Lomas MBE, Fundraiser

Claire Lomas is a British fundraiser, campaigner, motivational speaker and former professional horse rider.

14 years ago a horse riding accident left Claire paralysed.

She says the accident taught her "life lessons" which meant when lockdown came she was more able to adapt.

Although it meant the end of her fundraising, no more conference talks and the start of home schooling, Claire says she has appreciated the extra time with her family.

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