Campaign launched to bring Banksy artwork back to Nottingham

A man from Nottingham campaigning to get the Banksy 'Hula Girl' street art returned to the city says she was a 'gift' to the people.

City resident, Mike Horseman, founded the 'Bring Back Our Banksy' petition, which now has around 1,000 signatures.

'Hula Girl' first appeared in October before it was sold to a gallery in Bury St Edmunds last month who say they want to preserve it.

Mr Horsemam said: "For many, this was a symbol of freedom during the lockdown in this most brutal of years."

He is calling for the "iconic" piece of art to be brought back "for the people" so that it can be protected and "treasured" for generations to come.

John Brandler bought the artwork after the owners of the wall were unable to make arrangements with local organisations for it to be protected.

Mr Brandler says he's in the process of spending thousands of pounds restoring the piece.

The art work was originally spotted in Lenton on the morning of October 15 2020, and large crowds immediately gathered around it, speculating if it was indeed a Banksy on their doorstep.

Two days later, the world famous artist confirmed on his Instagram, that indeed it was his. 

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