Week long Warwick University protest demands better safety for women

  • Cai Kennedy, Protect Warwick Women

Protesters have occupied the campus piazza at Warwick University for seven days.

They say they have no intention of moving until changes are made around the safety of female students.

Students began the sit-in on 18 March and called on the university to do more to ensure women feel safe on campus.

The protest was organised by Protect Warwick Women who say that, although they have had meetings with the university since the protest began, they will remain in the campus piazza until an agreement is reached.

Tents can be seen at the Warwick University campus piazza where protests have continued for 7 days Credit: Instagram/@kai.yf

Photos by student photographer Kai Faulkner show posters and tents, as the protesters spend their days and nights hearing readings, poetry and speeches by various students sharing their experiences.

Overnight the student protesters sleep in tents on the campus Credit: Instagram/@kai.yf

Writing on the walls show demands for the university to 'fix up' and take the protesters 'seriously' Credit: Instagram/@kai.yf

The Protect Warwick Women group have been posting regular updates from the protest on their social media sites.

They have also been using their platform to ask followers to bring them supplies, such as sun cream during recent sunny spells, and masks to make the protest more Covid secure.

The protesters say they won't move from the campus until they're satisfied the university have promised enough changes Credit: Instagram/@kai.yf

Kai Kennedy, one of the founders of Protect Warwick Women, said the students have had "some discourse with the university but it's been the bare minimum."She said that in the two meetings they have had so far with the university, some terms have been agreed of how they will move forward.

The sit-in has been in place for seven days, with students gathering in masks at the campus piazza Credit: Instagram/@kai.yf

In a statement, the University of Warwick said: “Everyone has the right to feel safe and supported at Warwick.

We believe the most effective way to tackle this issue is by working in close partnership with the Student Advisory Group on Sexual Misconduct, which includes the university, the Students’ Union, as well as members of our student community to discuss student feedback and to identify and implement improvements."

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