Coleman Cracks Down On Climate: A new series from weatherman Des Coleman!

ITV News Central's Des Coleman is taking a look at climate change - and you can be a part of it!

  • What's the difference between weather and climate?

  • What's causing global warming?

  • How can I do my bit for the environment?

They are all questions Des will be taking a look at and with his 'Do Your Bit With Des' feature, you too can help make your mark for helping the environment around you.

The six-part series will cover a range of topics and the final instalment will answer your questions that have come in throughout the series.

Send them to for your chance to have Des look at your climate conundrums.

So, with more to come in the following weeks, let's hear from the man himself as we look ahead to the first full episode...

Hi guys, I hope you’re feeling spring-like. It’s certainly in the air, like someone’s lifted the hood of the convertible and we're heading down a country lane doing 60, the open country in front of us and the sun about to break through.

Great times are ahead which I’m sure we’re all looking forward to. But before clouds of prevailing air flutter in and dream our minds to blossom I want to talk to you about a serious issue - climate change.It's the umbrella, the governing body under which everything that happens on this earth sits and has to be humble too, be it a pandemic, mega earthquake or tsunami.It's two little words but when you try to fully understand it becomes a Russian doll, you get to know one layer but there is another underneath.

It’s like viewing a picture through a kaleidoscope lens - so many shapes, shades and variables but all amounting to the same thing.

And each with its own expert. It's so vast that one person cannot possibly have a handle on it all and that makes it confusing.So, we at ITV Central are going to break it down into five simple segments that will give you an overview of what all the fuss is about and I’ll be answering your questions too.

So join me for Coleman Cracks Down on Climate - coming soon!