Covid: No fines issued at packed Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham on warmest day of the year so far

  • Pictures from SnapperSK

West Midlands Police says it didn't issue any fines for breaches of coronavirus regulations, after hundreds of people gathered yesterday in Birmingham's Cannon Hill Park.Footage shows one of the city's most popular parks packed with people catching the final rays of the day.

Temperatures reached 22 degrees in parts of the Midlands on Tuesday, making it hotter than the average March temperature in Las Vegas.

Lockdown eased at the start of the week allowing up to six people or two households to meet outdoors.

Credit: Snapper SK

Large amounts of litter can be seen left on the grass, and litter pickers were out at 8:30 this morning removing the mess.

Superintendent Farooq Sheikh, of Birmingham East police, said,

"We had officers at Cannon Hill Park yesterday following social posts suggesting that an organised gathering was planned.

Officers initially found no breaches of coronavirus legislation, with people enjoying the weather in small, individual groups.

Later on in the evening, the numbers increased and music and lighting equipment had been set up. We had a number of complaints from residents about traffic building up around the area.

The crowds were good-natured and engaged with officers, and the park was all clear by 11.30pm.

"We will have extra police officers in the area today, who will be able to use our powers to quickly break up any gatherings that put people's health at risk.

We want to reinforce that it is really important to remember that, while people can now meet up with five other people outside, large-scale organised events are still against the law."

Birmingham City Council told ITV News: "We of course want people to enjoy our parks and the good weather - but everyone needs to stay safe, follow the latest COVID-19 guidance and tidy up after themselves. The police are in a position to deal with any breaches of the current coronavirus regulations."  

These scenes have been mirrored in parks across the region over recent days, with hundreds descending on Arboretum Park in Nottingham to enjoy the sunny weather.

And litter was left strewn across the Forest Recreation Ground after hundreds headed there to enjoy the sunshine.

Two parks in Nottingham have now been closed.