Litter strewn across Nottingham park after people gathered to enjoy sunshine

  • Amrit Gahir reports

A considerable amount of litter has been left at parks in our region, as people went out to enjoy the sunshine this week.

At The Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham hundreds of people were seen partying last night.

It's prompted calls for people to be mindful and take their rubbish with them when visiting parks and beauty spots.

One local person said: "I come down here most mornings for a run or a walk. This is disgusting. It's the worst I've seen it in approximately thirty years, even after some of the big festivals and events.

"I've never seen it this bad. It's just embarrassing, you should be ashamed of yourselves."

Meanwhile, Nadia Whittome, Labour MP for Nottingham East called for people to act responsibly.

In a post on Twitter, she wrote: "Please be safe and be considerate of others. Take your litter home."

Since Monday morning, two households or groups of up to six people have been allowed to meet outside in England.

It follows another gathering of hundreds of people at The Arboretum in Nottingham on the day some coronavirus restrictions were eased - Monday 29 March.

Footage emerged on social media of crowds partying in the park, climbing trees, dancing, fighting, urinating and drinking alcohol.

The leader of the City Council said he was horrified that people would take such risks, in a city which has lost more than 600 people to Covid, and people have made such great sacrifices.

It's understood that The Arboretum has now been closed by the city council to prevent more crowds gathering during the hot weather.

The Forest Recreation Ground will not be closed due to it being an open space, however, police will be targeting the area with CCTV on Wednesday (March 31).

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