Mechanic rescues four baby mice after car brought in for service

Credit: BPM Media

Four baby mice have been discovered, curled up together in a nest of leaves, inside a car's filter.

The Mini Cooper had gone in for a service at a garage in Derby, and the mechanic made the discovery when he pulled out the air filter.

The baby mice still had their eyes closed.

Credit: BPM Media

It's thought their mother had taken advantage of the car not being used during lockdown to build a nest somewhere warm and safe.

The mice are now being cared for by the RSPCA and have been named Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Goofy.

Peter York, owner of the garage, said,

"In my time in this business we have found nuts in air filters which have been stored there by squirrels and some nibbles to wires by mice but - never have I come across a nest of baby mice."

The mice are now feeding well, have opened their eyes and will soon be strong enough to be returned to the wild in a few weeks time.

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