Covid: Nottingham parks to remain open for Easter following 3 nights of gatherings

  • Report by Rajiv Popat.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Forest Recreation Ground in Nottingham on Wednesday night.

Nottinghamshire Police said three people were arrested for assault, using threatening behaviour, and possession of cannabis.

Earlier in the day, as temperatures rose, hundreds soaked up the sun, and the Police say they were grateful for people acting responsibly and sticking to the rules.

During the record-breaking temperatures yesterday, people came to the park to soak up the sun Credit: ITV News Central

However, council teams were up early clearing the mess. Beer bottles, cardboard boxes and a scooter were among the items dumped in the park.

Police officers confiscate and dispose of alcohol at the Forest Recreation Ground Credit: PA

To those living near the park, they said there was "loads of rubbish" that they "didn't even recognise the place."

The late night party on Wednesday followed a large gathering at the Arboretum on Tuesday. The Arboretum and the Lenton Recreation Ground were closed on Tuesday but reopened the next day.

With the Easter weekend approaching, the police and the council are asking people to be sensible and to follow the rules. The leader of Nottingham City Council, David Mellen, told ITV News Central, says he wants people to enjoy their parks, and that they will close them "only on a last resort."

According to Psychologists, the last year has taken its toll on a range of people of all age groups - but particularly on those in their late teens and early twenties.

Young people have perhaps felt so restricted by the pandemic, and the limitations that it's brought. In particular, we hear a lot from student populations who feel they have been "robbed" of their student experience. And the examples of what we've seen recently in parks and recreation are probably an example of that "all or nothing" behaviour.

Dr Charlotte Hilton, Psychologist

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