Fly-tipping: Eight tonnes of rubbish removed in last six months at Adderley Park station

Network Rail says in the last 6 months, it's removed more than eight tonnes of rubbish fly-tipped near Adderley Park station in Birmingham.

The embankment on the west coast mainline even has an industrial crate, that has rolled down to rest on a tree trunk. It's the only thing stopping it from toppling onto the tracks.

Network Rail say it's not only illegal but also dangerous; and they work with British Transport Police to prosecute people they catch.

On the other side of the fence, on Cherrywood road in Bordesley Green, the pavement is littered with tonnes of rubbish. It includes building and DIY material, as household furniture.

On Burdbidge Road, there's at least two mattresses, syringes, bits of old cars and lots of household rubbish. Credit: ITV News Central

Birmingham City Council say "there's never an excuse for littering or fly-tipping our streets. It shows no respect to our city or the people who live and work here.  

"We all have a personal responsibility to safely dispose of our own waste. We have enforcement staff that can and do issue fixed penalty notices, with court action pursued where this is appropriate.  

As well as harming our shared environment, dealing with waste related issues like this places a strain on our resources and ultimately costs the people of Birmingham money, which could be better spent on other essential services."

In the last month, Birmingham City Council took a fly-tipper to court and he was jailed for 13 months.

Mirrors, clothes and bin bags full of rubbish have been left behind for councils and local action groups to clean up. Credit: ITV News Central

In some areas, fly-tipping has become such a problem that local people are tackling it themselves.

'Clean and Green' is a group of 400 volunteers who clean up the area around North Solihull.

A spokesperson for Solihull Council said: "If we have any evidence relating to the identity of a fly tipper we carry out an investigation. Unfortunately in many cases fly tipping isn't witnessed. Last year we issued six fixed penalties and seized two vehicles."

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