"Light shines even in the darkness" A message from Birmingham faith leaders on Good Friday

  • Footage from Birmingham City Centre Churches Together

Faith leaders from Birmingham City Centre Churches Together have joined forces remotely to give the public an Easter message.

It's a message of hope reflecting upon the issues caused by the pandemic - reminding viewers that 'change is possible and light shines even in the darkness.'

This is what the faith leaders had to say: "When communities have come together in support and care, even in the darkness, the goodness of God often also shown in the goodness of people has been a light shining.

"Good Friday and Easter are particularly powerful this year in encouraging us that even as we share with those who mourn.

"Those who suffer even in our own mourning and suffering, or as we wait with an uncertain future as to what will happen next."

They continue: "We can also hold on to hope, a certain hope that we're not alone, that God is with us this Easter.

"Hope is built on a certainty deep in our inner being, in our hearts, that even when things are bleak and difficult change is possible."

Check out the full video message below.

  • Footage from Birmingham City Centre Churches Together

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