New Burton house built with bus stop sign blocking entrance

Main Street, Stapenhill Credit: BPM Media

A newly built house in Burton has been turning heads for its design - but if someone moved in today, they may struggle to get to their own front door.This is because one of the houses has been built with a bus stop sign square in the middle of the entrance to the path up to the entrance.

The house sits on the new Barley Mews development of the properties in Main Street, Stapenhill. A passer-by David Britton said: "It's not exactly wheelchair or pram-friendly."I had to laugh - presumably they're going to move the bus stop sign before anyone moves in."And according to bus firm Midland Classic, the sign was there before the homes were built and the developer has confirmed the sign will be moved before the first occupants move in.New pictures of the properties show the stunning gardens and interiors of the three-bed homes.Three of the properties have sold - including the one next to the bus stop sign.Staffordshire County Council’s head of highways, James Bailey, said:"We will be speaking to the developer to relocate the bus stop as soon as possible."