Shopper searches for heroes who 'saved his life' after he was found seriously injured

Paul Washington Credit: BPM

A shopper who was seriously injured when he collapsed on his way to buy pizza is searching for the three heroes who 'saved his life'.

Paul Washington was heading to a supermarket in Stoke-on-Trent when he suddenly felt unwell, shortly after he had woken up covered in blood surrounded by three men.

The 48-year-old was rushed to the Royal Stoke University Hospital after suffering a deep wound and swelling to his head.It is believed he was injured after falling off a wall when he fell unconscious.

Paul is now keen to hear from the three 'heroes' who stopped to help and called 999 at around 5pm on Monday (March 29th).

Credit: BPM

Paul said: "I sat on the wall of the car park to Iceland. That's the last I remember."I woke up with three men around me covered in blood. They said they found me unconscious. The next thing I knew I'm in an ambulance."I had to have about 16 stitches in my head. I must have fallen off the wall onto the car park."

He added: "If anyone knows who saved my life, please come forward."I'm on blood thinners so they couldn't stop the bleeding. One of the men wrapped his coat and jumper around me to stem the flow and the others rang the ambulance. I would really like to thank them."

Paul Washington Credit: BPM

Paul is now continuing his recovery at home with the help of his partner Michelle who had been left wondering why it was taking him so long to pick up the pizzas.

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