'The payment is very very small': Deliveroo drivers protest 'unfair conditions and poor wages' in Wolverhampton

Drivers and riders for Deliveroo have been protesting at what they say are unfair conditions and poor wages. 

In Wolverhampton they stopped work at lunchtime on Wednesday to voice their anger on the streets, while others refused to log on to their delivery app for work.

Other towns and cities including London saw similar protests, organised by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain.

Deliveroo recently made a multi-billion pound debut on the London Stock Market but saw £3billion wiped off its value over uncertainty about its relationship with its workers.

Despite Wednesday's strike action, the company's shares have now started to rise.

Deliveroo riders are classed as self-employed workers, which means they do not get the same rights they would have as employees - such as sick pay and annual leave.  

A recent ITV News investigation with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Daily Mirror revealed that more than one in three riders earned less than £8.72 per hour, the minimum wage for anyone aged 25 or over.

It was also found 1 in 10 took home less than £6.45, the lowest legal minimum wage for an adult. 

In Wolverhampton, one rider said: "We don't have time for a life, or normal life, we need to have long hours.

"The payment is very very small, you can earn £3, £4, £5 an hour."   

Another questioned how anyone can pay bills and a mortgage on those wages.

Meanwhile, Deliveroo said the vast majority of their riders are satisfied working for the company:

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