'Coleman Cracks Down On Climate': What is climate change and why should I care?

“Coleman Cracks Down On Climate” episode one is here - and I can’t wait for you to watch!

The first episode is all about climate change and asks the question ‘Why should I care?’

I speak to Professor Rob Wilby from Loughborough University and he talks about what our future climate could look like and what we can do to play our part in a brighter future.

What is the difference between climate and weather?

It can be hard to know the difference. I look at it like this - climate tells us what clothes we have to buy, weather tells us what clothes we have to wear:

More information regarding the climate can be found on the Met Office website. Click here to take a look.

Want to get involved in the series?

Of course you do! You can send your climate questions to me and I could answer them at the end of the series.

Fancy being a little more ‘hands-on’? We want to see how you’re helping the planet as part of ‘Do Your Bit With Des’. 

Do you rank top when it comes to recycling? Or have you got some clever ways that you’ve been helping the planet that you want to show me? Send them in to centralnews@itv.com and your good for the planet could appear on an episode!

Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the first installment of the climate series!