Drone captures incredible footage of zebras and spider monkeys at Twycross Zoo

A drone has captured incredible footage of spider monkeys and zebras playing at Twycross Zoo as it prepared to reopen on April 12.

Some animals like penguins will be cautious on Monday but others like the spider monkeys will love the attention and will no doubt be playing to visitors. 

Keeping the zoo going costs around £500,000 a month whether visitors come or not. 

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The zoo has said it has lost more than 336,000 visitors during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has set them back at least £5.5m in income, while running costs remains at £500,000 a month.

So how has the zoo survived during the pandemic? 

Katie Hernandez Sanchez, who is a duty manager at the zoo, told ITV News Central the zoo has managed to keep afloat during the Covid pandemic because of bank loans. 

She said: "Sadly, we are in a lot of debt and it's going to take a long time to get us out of it but you know we refuse to compromise on any of our animal welfare throughout all of this. 

"So if we have to get in debt for it, that's exactly what we have done," she added.