New mum finally returns home with baby son after spending weeks in hospital with Covid

Credit: Walsall Manor Hospital

A new mum who had to deliver her baby early after being diagnosed with Covid has finally returned home.

Ellie Wright, 20, contracted coronavirus when she was 30 weeks pregnant.

Baby Leo weighed just four pounds and four ounces when he was born and Ellie was put into a coma for three weeks.

Baby Leo Credit: Michelle Stankevitch

Ellie had to wait five weeks before she could even touch little Leo, as she was so weak.

But after a long journey to recovery, Ellie is now able to walk a few steps using a stick, get up and down stairs, and the pair are both home.

Leo is now 12 weeks old and weighs 10 pounds.

Ellie Wright heading home Credit: Walsall Manor Hospital

Ellie says she realises just how ill she was,

“I don’t remember anything about being so ill because I was in a coma for three weeks but my mum saved my life because she was the one who called an ambulance and said I needed to go to hospital; I didn’t want to go to hospital at all,”

“I also know that my poor mum’s really been worried for so long about me and Leo so I hope she will feel better herself now.

“There was a point when I remember having an hallucination where I saw a bright light and my nan, who died ten years ago, appeared, really clearly, and told me “It’s not your turn.”

I know now how serious things were and that I came really close to dying.

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