Reward doubled for 'world's biggest rabbit' stolen from Worcestershire home

  • ITV News Central filmed with Darius back in 2012

The reward for a giant rabbit which is thought to have been stolen from its Worcestershire home has been doubled by its owner.

Annette Edwards wrote on Twitter,

"Please, please I am so upset. Can you bring my Darius back? I am putting the reward up to £2,000."

West Mercia Police say Darius, the four foot long Continental Giant rabbit, was stolen from its enclosure in a garden in Stoulton over the weekend.

Officers believe it was taken overnight on Saturday, between April 10th and April 11th.

Darius the rabbit Credit: West Mercia Police

Owner Annette Edwards described him being taken as a "very sad day".

Ms Edwards pleaded on Twitter for those who took Darius to "please bring him back", saying he is "too old to breed now."

Police have described the rabbit as “unique” - having been awarded a Guinness Record for being the biggest rabbit in the world.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact 101, quoting the reference 00286_I_11042021.

When is a rabbit a giant rabbit?

Rabbits are classed as 'giant' when they weigh over 5kg and can reach up to 10kg - larger than many dogs. Although they shouldn't be confused with overweight rabbits.

Breeds include the French Lop, New Zealand White and Continental Giant.

A giant rabbit can live four – six years, although some may live longer.

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