Former Royal Butler Paul Burrell reveals Prince Philip’s nickname for the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales with butler Paul Burrell, riding at the back of the carriage, at Ascot in June, 1987. Credit: Anwar Hussein /EMPICS Entertainment

The former Royal Butler Paul Burrell lived and worked at Buckingham Palace for 11 years, serving the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Diana. 

For Paul, from Derbyshire, the Duke of Edinburgh was the Queen’s ‘rock’ throughout her life.

She first fell for him when he was Prince Philip of Greece - and very good looking - and Paul says they enjoyed the quiet company of each other throughout their lives.

Remembering his time working for the Royal Family from 1976 to 1981, Paul says of the Duke, “He was a ladies’ man, he didn’t really like men around him”. 

Prince Philip even played matchmaker, introducing Paul to his future wife Maria - who was Prince Philip’s maid at the time. Apparently he was rather reluctant to give her up.

He describes the Duke as always speaking his mind - but the Queen got to see a softer side to him. In fact - his nickname for Her Majesty was ‘Cabbage.’

He says Prince Philip should be remembered for being the “CEO of the Royal House of Windsor” - as behind the scenes Philip ran the royal household and was in charge of all the royal estates.

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