Everyone could 'feel the emotion in the room' as tearful couple reunited in care home

Care home staff where this emotional moment was filmed have told ITV News that "everyone there could feel the sense of emotion in that room at that time."

The elderly couple , Mary and Gordon, were reuniting for the first time in months, and both well up with tears as they realise they can at last hold each other.

Mary had been living at home at the start of the pandemic while her husband, Gordon, was in a care home.

She then moved into a different care home from Gordon - Baily House in Mansfield.

Staff decided to surprise her earlier this week, by not telling her that her husband had moved in to join her - until the very moment they were finally able to hug each other again.

Mary couldn't quite believe it, asking nurses 'We can't touch each other, can we?'.

The video was shared on Baily House Care Home's Facebook page, with the caption,

"Our lovely Mary has had a real surprise today... her beloved husband Gordon has come to live here at Baily House with her, after not seeing each other for several months, it was certainly a very emotional reunion. Mary can now join Gordon as he isolates in his new room 💚 ' (sic)."

Gordon and Mary are reunited at Baily House Care Home Credit: Baily House Care Home

Care home staff who recorded the video say they didn't expect it get as big as it did. It has now been viewed around the world.

They say the couple are "astounded" by the response but are incredibly happy to finally be with each other after all this time apart.

The care home also say they've been inundated with messages and gifts from around the world, which means they'll be able to do more with the residents.

On Thursday 15 April, they even had a delivery of garden seeds as lots of the residents enjoy gardening.

What are the rules in care homes?

From April 12, restrictions on care home visits have been more relaxed, allowing residents two regular visitors, rather than just one, and children are now also allowed to attend.

Infants and children are not counted as one of the two visitors, the government has said.

Speaking earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Reuniting family and friends has been a priority each time restrictions have eased, and the next step will be no different.

“I’m particularly pleased to allow residents to have more visitors, including grandchildren, given the isolation and concern felt by so many this past year.

“Thanks to the tireless work of care home staff, and the success of the vaccine rollout, we’re able to increase the number of visits in a safe and controlled way.”

  • Charlotte Cross reports

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