The smell from a landfill site forcing residents to tape up their doors and buy air purifiers

People living near a landfill site in Staffordshire say the smell coming from it is making their lives a misery.

They describe the smell coming Walleys Quarry in Newcastle-under-Lyme as "nauseating" and like "rotten eggs" or "dirty nappies".

They've been forced to tape up their windows and doors, put plastic bags over their windows, and buy air purifiers to try to stop the smell getting into their homes.

People say they've had headaches, asthma attacks, and aren't sleeping.

Last month Red Industries, the company which operates the site, began to comply with an order to try to stop the stench but residents say it's worse than ever.

Phebe Smith says she ended up trying to sleep on the bathroom floor to escape the smell in her bedroom.

"I was woken up in the middle of the night with a really intense smell that filled my bedroom. I was so upset by it and really struggling to breathe and I was very panicked that I couldn't breathe, so I went into the bathroom because that was the least intense place to be in the house - I was trying to outrun the smell."  

The MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme has asked Health Secretary Matt Hancock to meet him and the Environment Secretary George Eustice to discuss the site.  

Recently the Environment Agency ordered Red Industries to cap several parts or cells of the site by the end of this month, and air quality investigations by the local council and health regulators are ongoing.   

Red Industries told ITV News,

"No landfill will ever be completely odour-free as to capture 100% of the gas generated from the landfill is not possible. Cell 1, following the addition of necessary material...will be sealed permanently.  Cell 2 will be temporarily capped, as part of our accelerated engineering works. On completion, more than half the worked area of the landfill will be capped."