European Super League: Midlands clubs condemn plans as 'commercial venture' and 'kick in the teeth' to football

As the row over the European Super League continues, football teams across the Midlands have had their say.

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers says he hopes logic prevails following the announcement of the formation of the European Super League.The 14 Premier League clubs not involved in the break away league met earlier and unanimously and vigorously rejected the plans.

The Prime Minister, the Football Association and the Premier League have agreed to take "whatever action necessary" to stop the formation of it.

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith held a news conference on Tuesday afternoon ahead of his side's game against Manchester City - one of the six English clubs who have signed up to the controversial competition.

He said "it's not for the good of football, it's a commercial venture."

Speaking ahead of his side's match against Rotherham on Thursday, Derby County manager Wayne Rooney said: "I completely understand the frustration. The English pyramid must be protected."

Derby County manager Wayne Rooney says he understands the "frustration" at the plans for a new European Super League Credit: PA

In a club statement, Coventry City said: "The plans are divisive and threaten the very fabric of the sport in this country.

"The competitive nature of the league structure and the ability for Clubs to earn their right to play in competitions is integral to football in this country, and what makes it so exciting and compelling for all of us who care about the sport.

"The proposed ‘Super League’ threatens that structure and the importance those Clubs play in their communities.

"Especially at a time when supporters are not able to attend games, this is a kick in the teeth for fans of those Clubs, all football supporters and the wider football family."

Wolverhampton Wanderers updated their twitter account declaring themselves the winners of the 2018/19 Premier League Season, after they finished 7th behind the six English clubs planning to form the breakaway European Super League.

In a club statement, Wolves said: "European football is the pinnacle of the domestic game, and the prize for success in leagues across Europe, with no limitations on who can qualify, as long as it is on sporting merit.

"But these individuals have plotted and schemed to find a way to exist in a small and comfortable bubble, free from the challenge of fair competition. And now they have united the whole of the football world against them."

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