What is a PCC and will I be voting for one in the Midlands?

What does a Police & Crime Commissioner do?

They were first introduced in 2012 and the second round of elections was four years later.

Nearly every police force has a Police and Crime Commissioner who oversees how they work and represents the local community.

They appoint the Chief Constable and hold them to account. They set the budget and monitor how the force performs.

Some PCCs are also responsible for the Fire & Rescue Service in their area - there are four that do this, and one is in Staffordshire and one in Northamptonshire.

When you come to vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner, you can choose two candidates - your first and second choice.

The election for the PCC in your area will be on Thursday 6th May.

There will be candidates standing in these areas and you can find out who they are here.

  • Cambridgeshire

  • Derbyshire

  • Gloucestershire

  • Leicestershire

  • Lincolnshire

  • Northamptonshire

  • Nottinghamshire

  • Staffordshire

  • Warwickshire

  • West Mercia

  • West Midlands

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