Two months after landslip sent bricks crashing down, residents still can't go into gardens in case it happens again

  • Report by Mark Kielesz-Levine

More than two months after a 70ft wall collapse which caused a landslip in Sneinton, residents are still waiting for the rubble to be cleared.

Houses were badly affected after heavy rain on 3rd February. Residents say they were woken up at 1am by the noise of bricks and earth falling into their gardens.

Emergency services were called and discovered severe damage to the homes, with bathrooms and kitchens flooded.

Five families from four houses had to be evacuated in the middle of the night but returned to their homes in the morning.

However two months later, the rubble is still there and Nottingham City Council have yet to clear it up.

Norman Wheatley told ITV News Central he was woken up by his neighbours that night to tell him the wall was coming down.

"Luckily we were at the front of the property. So he did come down and let us know that the wall was coming down". He added, "it was just like a thunderstorm, it's just like earth moving all the time."

The wall that caused the damage was installed with the help of the council in 2003. After the collapse, the council said that they would help remove the debris if there was a delay. Residents say there have been delays with insurers and they've been working together to try to get it fixed.

Another resident who doesn't have rubble in the garden was sent a letter from the council urging them not to go into their garden because it was unsafe. But there hasn't been an update since.

"We can't go in the shed, in case the wall holds down," says Sandra. "I've got two freezers full of food in there. I can't get to it."

Even during our time filming there, bits of soil were still falling from above. Residents told us it happens a lot. Credit: ITV News Central

A spokesperson from Nottingham City Council said, "These walls are privately owned and so the council is not responsible for their upkeep or repair - this rests with the property owners."

The council also added that it is awaiting confirmation from insurers and that work to make the gardens above the rubble safe must be completed first and hopefully soon. They also said they appreciate how frustrating this situation has been.

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