Work begins on stabilising cliff in Mansfield after homes hit by landslides

Work has begun to stabilise a cliff face in Mansfield where a number of homes have been hit by landslides.

The landslips started in November 2019, when residents in Mansfield living by the former Berry Hill Quarry were forced to evacuate their homes.

Since then a smaller landslip occurred in December 2020 and the rain in March 2021 also triggered another two further small slips.

Footage from 2019:

After the initial landslip in 2019, Mansfield District Council worked with geo-technical consultants to develop a stabilisation project on the cliff face.

The stabilisation plan will cost £3 million and will consist of mesh and pegs and a catch-wall.

Mike Yaxley, the project manager, outlines the steps of the project:

The work is expected to take 21 weeks to complete and will be in two phases:

  • Phase one: securing the cliff face with mesh and 8m pegs.

  • Phase two: building a 2.5m protective fence to separate residents' gardens from the cliff face with a buffer zone.

The council had hoped to start the work last year but it was delayed by lengthy legal discussions with landowners.

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