Newborn baby boy found abandoned in Birmingham park 'doing really well' as police continue search for mum

Police have released images of the clothes the baby was wearing when he was found. Credit: West Midlands Police

Police say that a new born baby boy found abandoned in a Birmingham park is "doing really well".

Detective Superintendent Anastasia Miller from West Midlands Police confirmed he was born full term and that medical staff are "pleased with his progress," but that they are still desperately searching for his mother.

Det Supt Miller said he was discovered by a dog walker on Thursday afternoon, wrapped in a blanket and wearing Matalan clothes.

He was dressed in an orange and white stripy 'Dino Dude' tee-shirt, grey trousers and was wrapped in a grey and white zig zag pattern blanket.

She appealed to his mother to come forward, saying "the most important person to him right now is his mum."

She spoke directly to his mother saying,

"However worried you may be, clearly you're in a difficult position, for whatever reason you decided you had no other option but to leave your baby son where you did. Please come forward, we just want to make sure you're ok...clearly you care about your baby son, where you've left him, he's been found, he was clearly looked after, he had a blanket and he was wearing clothes, so we have no concerns that the mother does deeply care about him."

The baby was found in a community park known as The Mound off Shannon Road, Kings Norton.

The park where the baby was found Credit: ITV News Central

Det Supt Miller said the mother had obviously cared for herself and her unborn baby during pregnancy, as her son was healthy as a result of good ante-natal care.

Asked if they had given the baby a name, Det Supt Miller said, "No, we hope his mum will come forward and be in a position to do that."

West Midlands Police are not able to release the ethnicity of the baby, but say that they want to trace a white woman in her early 20s who was seen by several witnesses around the time the baby was abandoned.

Officers are also examining CCTV footage from the area and ask any friends or family members with information to come forward, so they can try to help the baby's mum.