'Blind Dave' gets new 'hero' guide dog two years after his dog died on Christmas Day

  • Craig Punfield reports

On International Guide Dogs Day, Dave Heeley is celebrating his new guide dog, Angus.

Nicknamed 'Blind Dave', the fundraising hero from West Bromwich has been waiting two years to be matched with a suitable guide dog after his previous dog Seamus died on Christmas Day in 2018.

Remembering Seamus, Dave said: "He was my saviour, he was my hero, he kept me safe on the streets."

"To lose him, it was like having part of me die. But sadly, life moves on."

Now it seems Dave and his new dog Angus are getting along well.

"Already he's becoming a real part of me, and hopefully we'll have some fantastic memories and stories to tell."

Blind Dave and his new guide dog Angus Credit: The Albion Foundation

Dave Heeley is known for raising millions of pounds for charities through incredible endurance challenges around the world.

Affectionately nicknamed 'Blind Dave', he became the first blind person in the world to have completed the ultimate endurance challenge of 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents.

He had been using a white stick to get around his local area following Seamus' passing, which he said took him five times as long.

Guide Dogs UK said the delay in partnering Dave with Angus is down to the pandemic delaying guide dog training and the precise pairing that has to take place between the user and dog itself.

Now, with Angus, Dave is delighted to have what he calls the "Rolls Royce in mobility" by his side.

"I trust Angus with my life."

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