Celebrities and MPs show support as campaign to find missing Staffordshire dogs reaches far and wide

Celebrities and MPs on Twitter have rallied behind a Staffordshire family desperately seeking to find their stolen dogs.

It has been two months since Lisa Lilley's cocker spaniels, Missy and Biscuit, were taken from her home in Staffordshire.

Since then, the Lilley family have launched a huge campaign to find them, involving a pet detective, hot air balloon, t-shirts, and posters to vets up and down the country.

Missy and Biscuit were stolen from a home in Brewood in Staffordshire in March. Six weeks later they've still not been found. Credit: Rachel Lilley

ITV Central filmed with the Lilley family earlier this month, to hear more about their grief and the extensive campaign to find Missy and Biscuit.

Our emotional video of Lisa talking about the missing dogs has been shared far and wide on Twitter.

From MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, to Welsh Labour MP, Alex-Davies Jones, MPs around the country have tweeted their support and shared the video.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has also shown his support for the campaign on Facebook.

Wildlife TV presenter and conservationist, Chris Packham, said: "This is heartbreaking . Please help this lady find the loves of her life."

Meanwhile, ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly has sent a tweet of support to Rachel Rilley, Lisa's daughter:

"So sad - your poor mum Rachel xxx"

It's as presenters Julia Bradbury and Helen Skelton also re-shared ITV Central's video about the missing dogs.

Poet Pam Ayres has also shared the video, calling on Boris Johnson to introduce realistic penalties for what she calls "the meanest of crimes."

The family say they're incredibly grateful to every person sharing the post, because then it reaches more people who may know about the dogs' whereabouts.

How were the dogs stolen?

Rachel Lilley, said the two thieves clambered over barbed wire and unlocked five livestock gates during the raid at around 7pm on Friday 5 March. Staffordshire Police said there were two or three attempted thefts in the area around the same time.

CCTV from the property shows a car driving past the house, then turning round and driving back. The dogs are heard barking and howling, before the car disappears.

How is the search going?

Rachel Lilley says her family have had loads of support from their village community in Brewood, and banners are being put up in various places across the UK.

The 29-year-old says police enquiries are ongoing, with some helpful leads from members of the public.

We just really need people to come forward so we can piece everything together. If you have the dogs then we will reinburse you, no questions asked.

Rachel Lilley

When asked how her mum, Lisa, is coping with the grief at losing her dogs, Rachel said:

"My mum is absolutely heartbroken and distraught.

"She spent her birthday this week crying, just wishing they would come home.

"She's still sleeping downstairs, not leaving the other dogs alone, and she's still too afraid to go in the garden unless my dad has scouted it out first."

Lisa says she doesn't want others to experience the type of grief she is suffering.

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