People in Sandwell are being urged to stay safe over bank holiday weekend

Credit: PA Images

People in Sandwell are being urged to recognise the progress the community has made in reducing coronavirus rates as people meet up over the bank holiday weekend. 

In January, the borough had one of the highest Covid-19 rates in the country.

Since then surge testing has been increased across the borough after cases of the South African variant had been identified in March and April 2020.

Health officials have applauded the community's resilience and progress and says the rate is now lower than 30 times what it was at the start of the year.

However, they are warning people to continue to be careful over the weekend as more people are expected to be meeting up with friends and family.

This pandemic hasn't gone away. The infection rates are still there. There's new variants circulating. So we're asking people to please keep your distance from others, wear a face covering if you go into a shop and make sure common sense stays at the forefront.

Lisa McNally, Director of Public Health for Sandwell

The council is also reminding people to stay indoors if they have any symptoms and to take a test to prevent spreading the virus.

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