Mark Morrison offers free recording sessions to young artists in Leicester in bid to tackle knife crime

  • Gareth Owen reports

The Leicester-born R&B singer Mark Morrison has offered his city centre recording studios to young singers and artists, free of charge for the rest of this month. 

It's part of the star's drive to reduce knife crime in the city by giving young people more opportunities. 

Around 70 young voices and undiscovered talents will make use of Mark Morrison's studios over the next 4 weeks. 

Mark Morrison's Mack Studios are located in Leicester city centre, where young people are being given the opportunity to make music Credit: ITV Central

25 years ago last week, the singer released his debut album Return of the Mack, launching a career, and breaking through at the top of global music charts.

Mark Morrison's first ever recording was in the Leicester bedroom of Stanley Samuel. 

Now, Mark and Stanley want to help recreate that opportunity for someone else.  

Mark Morrison is opening his Macklife studio free of charge as part of his #DropTheKnifePickUpTheMic campaign to tackle knife crime among young people.

Iyah Tyrell was once involved in knife crime on Leicester's streets, but he says this project has helped him leave that behind and develop as an artist. 

This scheme set up by the R&B star for the month of May is the second time the Mack Studios have been freely available for youngsters.

The singer hopes to repeat the scheme later this year.