"I won twice in one day": Dudley man wins £250k on scratch card and has first date on same day

  • Pictures from the National Lottery

A security guard from Dudley is celebrating after winning the £250,000 top prize on a National Lottery scratchcard.

On the same day he went on a first date, with his now girlfriend, having waited until the lockdown rules allowed for a trip to pubs and restaurants.22 year old Luke Ashman said he had the day off from work and was supposed to go food shopping, but instead fell asleep on the sofa.

Luke says when he first got home and shouted for his mum, she thought he had been in an accident. Credit: The National Lottery

He said "When I woke, I dashed to the supermarket because not only had I got to get the groceries, I had my first proper date that evening with a girl I’d recently started seeing.“Even after my daytime nap, I was still tired, so I bought myself an energy drink and while at the counter I bought a couple of National Lottery scratchcards.”When back in the car after purchasing them in the local ASDA, Luke decided to look at the scratchcards and see if he had been lucky. He said, “I scratched one with no luck. I then tried the second and scratched a diamond, then a win symbol - I saw £250,000 but wasn’t sure whether it was a full stop or a comma. "

When he got home, he checked over the scratchcard with his mum before calling the National Lottery and getting the confirmation he was £250,000 richer.

“We’ve been speaking and seeing each other since the beginning of the year," Luke said. "But obviously haven’t been able to go out on a proper date."

“That night we went out for a meal, I ordered a bottle of Prosecco and we celebrated an amazing day of both a lottery win and a first date. You could say I’d won twice in one day.”

Credit: The National Lottery

The security guard has been furloughed at times throughout the last year, and he juggled his job with his studies as a final year criminology degree student at the University of Worcester.

Luke says he wants to treat himself to a new car, a Ford Mustang, before using the rest of his winnings to setting up his own property development business.