Dog dies after being kicked and thrown over a fence

Milly had to be put to sleep after she suffered heart failure and couldn't breathe. Credit: RSPCA

A man from Nottingham has been banned from keeping animals after he kicked and threw his dog over a fence - and avoided getting her veterinary treatment for her pain.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel later suffered heart failure, and was unable to breathe, so vets had to make the decision to put her to sleep.

Paul Boath, 54, of Willoughby Court in Mansfield, was sentenced at Nottingham Magistrates Court on 6 May.

He pleaded guilty to failing to provide his dog, Milly, with the proper and necessary veterinary care for her chronic pain.

At an earlier hearing he was found guilty of causing Milly unnecessary suffering by the infliction of blunt force trauma and physical violence.

Witnesses told the court they had seen Boath kick his pet, before throwing her over a fence at his home in October 2019.

Her vet's report stated that Milly was "painful or reactive to touching, yelping especially when touched along her right jawbone and later along her lumber vertebral region" and she also suffered broken ribs.

Milly suffered broken ribs and yelped in pain when she was touched by the vets. Credit: RSPCA

In addition to the ban from keeping animals, Boath was given a 26 week suspended sentence.

He must also take 10 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and an Alcohol Treatment Requirement and pay £750 in costs and a £122 victim surcharge.

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