“We’re not experts but we’re experienced”: How a podcast made by men from the Black Country is saving lives

  • Report by Tania Sangha

Four men from Brierley Hill have created a mental health podcast that's helped them to overcome their own issues as well as being a lifesaver for listeners.

Kev Dillon, Aren Deu, Craig Pinches and Lee Cadman met at the Lions Boxing Club where they discovered they'd all opened up to the Head Coach about their personal problems during training sessions.

Head Coach, Kev Dillon, decided to get the group together to share their experiences through a podcast called 'The Black Country Blokes' - so that other men didn't feel alone in their struggles.

Kev has experienced his own difficulties, after losing most of his eye sight to viral meningitis at three-years-old.

He says that he felt an influx of love and acceptance the moment he started opening up and sharing his story - which also encouraged others to do the same.

The group are now determined to inspire others through talking about their experiences and important topics such as male suicide.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 75% of all suicides across the UK were by men in 2019.

This has been a consistent trend over the last two decades.

By talking about the issue they've helped saved lives, including one man who helped to prevent a suicide after listening to an episode.

The group says the podcast has helped them with their own individual problems as well as speaking about the societal pressures that men face on a day to day basis.

They want to spread the message to other men that talking about your thoughts and emotions is not weak but extremely beneficial to your mental health.

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