How to stop pets from overheating in hot weather

Credit: PA

As temperatures are predicted to soar across the country this week many pet owners may be concerned about keeping animals safe during the heatwave.

Every year the RSPCA receives hundreds of reports of animals suffering from heat exposure, including dogs left in hot cars, pets with heat burns on their paws from pavements and dehydration.

Top tips by the RSPCA for pet owners in hot weather:

  • Avoid exercising pets excessively in hot weather.

  • Walk pets in the morning or evening when the weather is cooler.

  • Have a go at making some frozen animal treats.

  • Don’t let your pet get sunburnt - use pet-safe sun cream.

  • Ensure animals have constant access to shade and fresh drinking water at all times. For animals that are kept outside, remember that as the sun moves during the day so too does the shade. Somewhere that was shaded in the morning could be in full sun by the afternoon.

  • Keep fish tanks out of direct sunlight and top up water levels of ponds. 

  • Wrap an ice pack or frozen water bottle in a tea towel, or use damp towels for your pet to lie on.

  • Freeze your dog’s water bowl or kong, or add ice cubes to your pet’s bowl. 

  • Fill a paddling pool or spray a hose for your dog to play in but always supervise them around water. 

  • Leave a bowl of fresh drinking water in your garden for birds and other wildlife.

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